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At Small Business and Taxation Services, we want to see our clients investments and businesses succeed, no matter how great or small they may seem. We thrive on the challenges and opportunities that come from working directly with our clients to help them make and secure their business and personal financial future. Assisting our clients at each step of their development, often from start-up is what makes us. Small Business and Taxation Services is an intimate accounting firm who pride ourselves on the fact that you deal directly with the principal accountant/tax agent, who is dedicated to your work, and stays accessible to you at all times, and not be forwarded on to staff who may not help you as you would like. We give our clients personal hands-on service and commitment. We take the time to understand every clients business and situation so that we offer the right advice and service when it is needed. We believe we are the right size, we have the right people and have the right answers for you. We give straightforward, understandable and practical advice and guidance to assist our clients at each stage of their development. And, just as importantly, we deliver a great service. Thats how we do business straightforward, down to earth and practical advice and services that work for you. After all, we are a small business just like yours. We know and understand what it takes to make a business grow and succeed, no matter how great or small.
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